The Pirates of Penzance (in Space) - Frederic

“The vastly gifted Lerew dominates the acting. This wonderful performer, who only a few weeks ago was splendid as an English-challenged native Italian in The Light in the Piazza, is no less superb here as a decent, sincere young man whose openness to the world has never been occluded by the company of pirates. Gentle and compassionate, Lerew’s Frederic exudes virtue of a sort not often seen on the contemporary stage, and it’s a tribute to this actor’s skill that his uprightness doesn’t appear a caricature.
— Creative Loafing Tampa Bay
Lerew has charm and a sweet demeanor as Frederic...
— Herald Tribune
Nick Lerew gives another stellar performance (literally stellar here, I guess). His Frederic is a blast, and as he proved in The Light in the Piazza, his voice is currently at its finest state. All of his numbers, especially “Stay, Frederic, Stay” (a duet with the incredible Leia-inspired Kaylen Seckel as Mabel), showcase his abilities. He is in true top form.
— BroadwayWorld (St. Petersburg)

The Light in the Piazza - Fabrizio Naccarelli

“[Lerew] turns in one of his strongest performances here (it’s up there with his work in Into the Woods and Burnt-Part Boys). Interestingly, several of his songs are sung in Italian, and yet we understand much of what he is singing. We love to see his Fabrizo connect with Pekar’s Clara; it makes us smile at the power of love. And his rendition of “Love to Me” near the end of the show is simply breathtaking.
— BroadwayWorld (St. Pete)
Nick Lerew demonstrated incredible depth — if you saw him in freeFall’s Mr. Burns, you’ll appreciate his fluidity as an actor.
— Creative Loafing Tampa Bay
He captures the immaturity of Fabrizio, only 20, and the aching love he feels for Clara. Mr. Lerew’s singing is very strong, and his aria of yearning love “Il Mondo Era Vuoto” a highlight.
— Talkin' Broadway

Into the Woods - Cinderella's Prince/Wolf/Lucinda

Nick Lerew, so good in Burnt Part Boys, is even better here. His Cinderella’s Prince is an arrogant goof, and he sneaks in so many tidbits that the audience winds up in convulsive laughter. He oftentimes changes from Prince to stepsister before our eyes, and even plays the menacing wolf, and anyone in the area interested in seeing versatility personified, needs to see Lerew in this show-stopping role. And yet, when he has to be poignant in Act 2, he certainly rises to the occasion. It’s a tour de force and my favorite performance in a show with so much outstanding work.
— BroadwayWorld (St. Petersburg)
Eric Davis’ most inspired casting is in Nick Lerew and Griffeth Whitehurst, who play two dopey princes, the Wolf (you’ll see) and Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters, wearing the most fabulous headgear this side of Wong Foo.
— Tampa Bay Times

Les Misérables - Marius

Nick Lerew as Marius becomes the epitome of a romantic leading man; he brought heroic fervor and passion to a touching hymn to his fallen student comrades “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.
— Marsha Wagner
In a spotlight Nick Lerew’s glorious voice soars as Marius laments the “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.”
— Naples News

The Importance of Being Earnest with Zombies - Jack Worthing

Nick Lerew, as Jack Worthing, is full of life with impeccable comic timing and his usually strong stage presence.
— BroadwayWorld (St. Petersburg)
As Jack, Nick Lerew is a likable figure, sincere (I almost said “earnest”).
— Creative Loafing Tampa Bay

Mr. Burns: a post electric play - Matt

Peter and the Starcatcher - Slank

Miss Saigon - Chris Scott

The Burnt Part Boys - Jake