Nick Lerew is a native North Carolinian who was raised on Disney movies and Saturday Night Live. Nick has been a storyteller and performer for as long as he (or his parents) can remember. Since graduating with a BA in Theatre/Acting from Greensboro College in NC, Nick has had the amazing opportunity to work at regional theatres such as freeFall Theatre Company, Berkshire Theatre Group, Playhouse on the Square, and Prather Entertainment Group.

With a love of music, travel, and storytelling, Nick seeks out any opportunity he can to expand his understanding of people, cultures, and the human experience. 

Storytelling is my passion. I want to use my form to help people understand how similar we truly are. Theatre gives me the opportunity to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and I wish to give the audience a safe space to exercise empathy and compassion while having an exhilarating experience.
— N.L.

Check out my "About Me" short film below: