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"Annie Clark has continually reinvented her guitar based sound with every album she has released. Her electric guitar has transcended what guitar can sound like. During the two opportunities I've seen her live, I've found myself thinking, 'How is she making that sound come out of a guitar.' There is slightly less guitar on 'Masseduction' but Clark has used this album to fully own her quirky, satirical lyricism while expanding how indie pop/rock can unfold over the course of an album. Annie Clark is our David Byrne. She understands the power of her own weirdness and it's ability to inspire us to use our oddities to connect, create, and dance it out."



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"Performing in a production of  'A Year with Frog and Toad' at the Hippodrome State Theatre in Gainesville, FL. This lovely musical for all audiences is a perfect antidote for a weary world during the holidays. As a Snail who delivers the mail, a tight-harmony-singing Bird, and a partially blind Mole, I'm hoping to help our fantastic cast and creative team remind our audiences of the importance of friendship, community, and how much we have to learn from the people who surround us."