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"Everything Now"

Fewer bands have transformed themselves as dramatically as Arcade Fire. If you were to listen to the first track of their discography and compare it to the first track of their most recent album, you'd be hard pressed to connect them as the same band. However two features remain constant throughout the band's career: Firstly, Win Butler and Régine Chassagne's distinct, ethereal vocal quality, and secondly, their observational ear-to-the-ground on what is going on in our new global culture. "Everything Now" charts a path through consumeristic identity and how we relate to one another in a digital world. Sound like a drag? Well, I dare you not to dance to this (often) ridiculous synth-pop, jazz inflected journey through our digital blues.



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"Fresh off a year of work as a Resident Company member for the 2015-2016 Season at freeFall Theatre in St. Petersburg, FL, I'm currently residing in New York City with my fiancée, Maya. We recently moved in to a new apartment and are very excited to decorate and furnish our new home. Right now I'm working, auditioning, and entering the "Hamilton" lottery every day. 'I'm willing to wait for it.'"