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"In the build up to getting married in Scotland this year, I've been on the search for a traditional folk band from Scotland that will help me understand the qualities of Scottish folk. Fortunately, I discovered Talisk. This group is comprised of a concertina, fiddle, and guitar, and is a brilliant example of maintaining traditional tunes and instruments, while infusing them with modernity and timelessness. In opposition to the flowing melody lines of Irish folk music, Scottish folk is characterized by note precision, quicker tempos, and more dynamic rhythmic variation. I once heard someone describe the difference between Scottish and Irish music as being similar to the differences in the landscapes of the two countries: Ireland's music has gradual hills and valleys of serenity and melancholy, and Scotland is full of passionate, lively expression, and prone to high peaks like that of it's steepest mountain, Ben Nevis."



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"Back in New York after closing a production of 'Daddy Long Legs' at freeFall Theatre Company in St. Pete, FL. As my fiancée, Maya and I ramp up our wedding planning, I've begun a new creative venture in the form of a podcast. Showgoers is a podcast dedicated to introducing theatre makers to untapped audiences, and new audiences to the unique experience of live theatre. Join me as a take my "non-theatre" friends to go see a show, and afterwards, have an intimate conversation with them about their experience. For more information or to listen to episodes, click the 'Showgoers' tab above, and subscribe wherever you get podcasts. Cheers!"